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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q : What kind of services provided by BAC?
A : Congratulations! You just ask the right question on the right time. We are so pleased to announce that we have been approved by Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). Our main objective is to produce cadets to be airlines pilot. Some other instructional programs such as additional ATPL theory course, Instructor Pilot Rating course and maintenance services are also provided.
Q : Is BAC qualified and accredited? Does BAC meet Thai DCA standard requirements?
A : We have been so proud to state that our training standards far exceed Thai DCA’s minimum requirements. Every phase of the flight training structures is well designed based on the world’s leading training syllabus.
Q : If I do not wish to fly for airlines, can I take flight lessons at BAC?
A : That’s no problem at all, no matter you are serious on your flight training and aim for career as an airline pilot or you would like to fly for fun as a recreation pilot, or even you would like the introductory flight, BAC can tailor the training lessons to meet your needs.
Q : What are minimum requirements for taking flying lessons at BAC?
A : If you would like to fly for recreation, you must be at least 17 years old, you must obtain at least 2nd class medical certification. But if the airline pilot is your goal, 1st class medical certification is required.
Q : DO I have to have an excellent mathematics or physic knowledge to be a pilot?
A : Of course not! You just have the basic mathematics and physic knowledge, you will be all right!
Q : How about English proficiency?
A : It’s not that scary!, but just keep in mind that, during your flight training, the communication between you and the Air Traffic Control would be conducted in English, but it’s not so complicated.
Q :What type of aircraft I shall fly at BAC?
A : You absolutely have choices! The first phase of your flight training would be conducted in C-172 for both Analog and glass cockpit, once you’ve gained some experiences, you might select to fly the world’s latest state of art G-1000 digital flight instrument equipped C-172, during this phase, you will enjoy the privileges of flying the world’s most up to date digital flight instrument aircraft. Finally, if your aim is still be the right seat pilot in air-transported aircraft, you will have a chance to fly our DA-42 twin, which is also equipped with G-1000!
Q : How does my flight training look like?
A : If your first flight has never been commenced before, you are required to attend ground school which you shall gain some basic knowledge in aviation, and then, you would proceed direct to the aircraft and fly, right after you are an experienced cadet and meet our training standards and requirements, you are eligible for the DCA’s written exams and a check ride and you would finally be the licensed pilot!
Q : What language is spoken at BAC? Does BAC conduct the class in English?
A : Of course! We honestly speak Thai in our campus, but our staff is capable of communicating in fluent English, likewise, the class can be conducted in English for foreigners.
Q : How long does my flight training last for?
A : It really depends, If you are looking for Private Pilot License, it might takes 3-4 months, but if you would like to earn the license leading you to the airlines, it approximately takes 15-18 months.
Q : How much does my flight training cost
A : As we mentioned before, our training program can be tailored to meet your requirements and your background qualification. Campus dormitory, meals, and van are also provided, please feel free to contact our sales and marketing staff.
Q : Are part-time students welcome? Can I do part-time training?
A : You are more than very welcome! You can match your own schedule with our instructors.Your flight training courses are very flexible!

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