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Instrument Rating Course (IR)

Instrument rating enables you to fly in various weather conditions. This rating qualifies a pilot to fly solely with the reference of aircraft instruments. Instrument Rating course at BAC consists of 86 hours of ground training, 40 hours of flight training (30 hours of flight training on Cessna 172 and 10 hours of simulator)

Instrument rating course can be completed in both part-time and full-time basis

IR Course : Total 40 flight hours.
  • Ground training: 86 hours
  • Flight training: 40 flight hours
    • Flight simulator: 30 flight hours
    • Cessna 172: 10 flight hours
    • The applicant must hold PPL or CPL.
    • Must hold Medical License Class 2 or 1.
    All package of IR training included
    • Ground and flight Instruction.
    • Text book.
    • Study materials

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