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Commercial Pilot License Course (CPL)

Within 1 year students might gain basic knowledge and direct experience from the current aircraft in different airlines.

Commercial pilot license program is designed to prepare our graduates for employment in airlines. This program has been developed with expertise of airlines to meet the rigorous requirements of a majority of worldwide airlines. This commercial pilot program provides the training required for a candidate with no flying experience to meet the level of proficiency to obtain a commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating and multi-engine rating. Holder of this license will be eligible for a pilot of any airlines.

CPL Course : Total 206 flight hours.
  • Ground training: 262 hours.
    • Private Pilot Course: 132 hours.
    • Instrument Rating: 86 hours.
    • Multi-engine Rating: 22 hours.
    • Advance: 22 hours.
  • Flight training: 206 flight hours.
    • Flight simulator: 34 flight hours
    • Cessna 172: 160 flight hours
    • Diamond 42: 12 flight hours
    Additional Program
    • CBT(Computer Base Training)
    • Principle of Aviation Safety.
    • Aviation Human Factors and Limitations.
    • Crew Resource Management.
    • Route Manual by Jeppesen.
    • Two-Man Crew Training & FMC Training.
    Additional Course Free!!
    • Male / Female, Thai Nationality, age 18 or above.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in all faculties.
    • Male must be military exempted.
    • Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight and not color blind.
    • Good command of English.
    • Must hold Medical License Class 1.
    All package of CPL training included
    • Ground and flight Instruction.
    • Text book.
    • Study materials.
    • Examination fee.
    • Comercial Pilot License fee.
    • Log book.
    • Dormitory.
    • Student suit.

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