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BAC Courses

BAC is known for being the first Private Pilot Course, Instrument Rating Course, Multi-Engine Rating Course, Commercial Pilot Course, Instructor Rating Course and ATPL Knowledge course. BAC offer courses approved by The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand

BAC not only provide the best pilot to the international airlines but focusing on the production of professional pilot which is based on the sophisticated airline standards dedicated to quality, standardization performance and reliability the all the international airlines are required.

1. Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

Only 40 flight hours and 15 ground subjects you can fly professionally under Ministry of Education and Approved Training Organized by The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

2. Instrument Rating Course (IR)

Instrument rating enables you to fly in various weather conditions.

3. Multi-Engine Rating Course (MR)

The Multi-Engine Rating Course adds multi-engine privileges to your existing private pilot license or commercial pilot license.

4. Commercial Pilot License Course (CPL++)

You will be an experienced pilot within 1 year.

5. Instructor Pilot

This course is designed for those who want to be flight instructor.

6. Additional Courses

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