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Being a pilot does not mean only that you can fly the aeroplane. There are many other factors you need to consider to be a commercial pilot who takes control of the aircraft and has responsibilities of the lives of passengers and crew. Not only that, pilot is also responsible for the valuable assets of the airlines such as the million dollar plane itself. Good pilot also creates trust to passengers and public and this, in turn, creates good reputation of the airlines.

To teach someone how to fly is not a hard thing for a flight school. But to teach someone to be a good commercial pilot is another thing. The school that is ready to produce qualified commercial pilot has to be focused on this matter. The school needs to have clear objectives of creating commercial pilots for airlines. Instructors must have airlines experience and have knowledge in delivering aviation concept to students. The school which can deliver this concept is not an ordinary flight school. The school we are talking about is more than just a flight school. The school we mean which suits this concept is a flight school called “BAC” or “Bangkok Aviation Center.” BAC considers itself a pilot factory producing qualified individuals to serve aviation industry as airline pilots.

Since 2002, BAC has now produced CPL graduates of more than 937 and more than 340 graduates of private pilots and related ratings. Pilot factory named BAC has produced a lot of commercial pilots and 77% of all has been recruited for major airlines, and another 23% included charter flights pilot, government pilot, business owner, aviation service officer as well as flight/operation instructors (statistic overviews as below).

For statistic 79% of airline pilot almost is being a pilot of Thai Air Asia airline (39%), Thai International Airways (28%) and the rest for others.

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