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Aircraft Fleet

Our aircrafts are well maintained by our own in-house maintenance centers which have reputations for quality and workmanship of the highest order. There can be no compromise whatsoever when it comes to flight safety.

  • Cessna 172 Analog Cockpit : 17 Aircraft

  • Cessna 172 Glass Cockpit: 16 Aircraft

  • Diamond DA42: 4 Aircraft

Simulator Fleet

Capable and accurate flying on flight instruments is a primary skill expected of an airline pilot. The significant investment in high fidelity simulators reflects our commitment to providing high standards in the delivery of instrument training.

  • Personal Computer–Based Aviation Training Devices

    They allow instrument flying skills to be honed individually as well as enabling students to access networked computer based self-study training material.

    • CBT

    • PCATD

  • Cessna 172 Simulator

    Our Cessna 172 simulator is used to complement the fleet of Cessna training aircraft used.

  • Diamond DA42 Simulator

    Our Diamond DA42 simulator is used to complement the fleet of Cessna training aircraft used.


    Flight Simulation Training Device Type 6, these devices derive from A320-214 specification and flight model with CFM56-5B4 power plant. The simulation visual system is provided by direct projected 200/40 POV inside cockpit enclosure serve the pilot can be have enough visual for training requirement. The instructor station provide flight training management during training and more functioning to be created scenario of flight environment. With 6 DOF motion system that provide motion feeling to the pilot training, complete with all function and fidelity of ICAO FSTD Type 6 regulation requirement.

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