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About BAC

BAC believes there are three major factors to be considered as a successful pilot: knowledge, experiences, and skills.
BAC realizes in its duty to shape up pilots before launching from its pilot factory. The most essential ingredients for this productivity comprise knowledge and expertise. Therefore, BAC regularly sees that the quantity of increasing knowledge and experiences is something couldn’t be ignored. In practical terms, client (airline) and Thai DCA have their rights to investigate the accuracy of blending the mixtures at anytime.


Bangkok Aviation Center Co., Ltd.(BAC) was established in 2002, located in Bangkok, based at Don Muang International Airport. BAC is known for being the first private flying school in Thailand which provides complete pilot courses ranging from private pilot course, instrument rating course, multi-engine rating course, commercial pilot course and instructor rating course and ATPL knowledge course.


Bangkok Aviation Center is a successful and prosperous aviation training center that provides the highest standard for long term added-value solutions to its customers and exports professional pilots as our productivity from pilot factory.


The duties and responsibilities of the BAC are as follows:
1) To provide aviation training that conforms to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s International Civil Aviation Convention, and to offer both domestic and International training in compliance with universal air transport laws and regulations.
2) To produce sufficient qualified personnel to meet the needs of the country’s private and state-sector air transport industry in line with Thailand’s national aviation personnel development plans.
3) To provide technical and other aviation-related services. The responsibility of the BAC is to produce highly skilled personnel for the civil aviation industry in Thailand and the Asia Pacific region. It has a vital role to play in helping the industry to keep pace with technological advances, envisioned by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
4) To develop aviation training resources to boost knowledge and experience as become skills of man and machine potentials.


1. To Reinforce an Excellence knowledge of aviation industry to our cadet

2. To pass o knowledge and aviation skill for improving the highest potential of the international aviation industry

3. To reinforce the tidy virtue and pilot ethics for readiness to the profession pilot

4. To realize safety first while taking action as a profession pilot


1. Industry Field / Production Field

BAC emphasize to manufacture and develop quality aviation industry personnel base on international standard to conform with trade liberalization or ASEAN Economic Community

2. Development Field

BAC emphasize to develop the standardized course to be acknowledge nation-wide and world-wide for being the more advantage of our cadet

3.  Virtue – Morality Field

BAC emphasize to develop all cadet realize all tidy virtue and pilot ethics for readiness to be a good pilot

4.  Administrative Field

BAC emphasize to increase our schooling capability to conform with the National Economic and social Development to be the center of aviation of South East Asia

5.  Safety Field

BAC emphasize to realize the safety first for being the standard of all aviation center.

Quality Assurance

BAC emphasize to manufacture a professional pilot for responding all need of customer focus on safety aviation knowledge for being the first flying school in region


The Professional pilot program and Individual course certifications are approved by Department of Civil Aviation, Thailand Bangkok Aviation Center is also accredited by Ministry of Education, Thailand.

The school is approved and designated to accept international students for training by the Department of Immigration Thailand. International student can request for student visa and student pilot license to take course at Bangkok Aviation Center.



Contact Us

Soi Vibhavadi Rangsit 72,
Sanambin Subdistrict, Donmuang District
Bangkok 10210 Thailand

T: 02-900-4644
E: cs@bacpilot.com